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Our mission is to save dogs and cats in rural shelters by taking them into our rescue or transporting them to other rescues and sanctuaries. Our vision is to educate the community about spay and neuter programs, the importance of vaccinations, and to end the euthanasia of homeless cats and dogs.

Black and White Kitten

About Us

Shelter2Rescue Coalition (501c3) is an all-volunteer rescue organization dedicated to the safe rehoming of shelter animals. Founded in 2006, our volunteers have saved over 7,000 dogs and cats. Most shelters hold animals for only 72 hours before euthanasia. We began our journey by helping rural shelters publicize their at-risk dogs and cats, thereby reducing euthanasia due to lack of space. Then, as we networked with more shelters and acquired additional foster homes, we came to rely on social networking to give these animals more time. We expanded and built partnerships with boarding facilities, transport organizations, and rescues nationwide.

The Adoption Process

Our goal is to match potential adopters with the right pet with the goal of ensuring a lifelong placement for the rescued animal. Our adoption process includes an initial application, reference and vet checks, and a home visit, when possible. If we believe the applicant and animal are a good match, we offer the adoption contract. We have a commitment not only to our adopted dogs and cats, but also to the families that adopt them. We are available to help with the transition to a new home and will check in during the first few weeks to answer any questions or help with any issues.

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